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If you're looking for the perfect yacht crew, The DECA team skilfully manages personalities and talents to find the perfect fit. The right crew can be a determining factor in the smooth operation of your yacht and DECA team is here to make it happen.


Focusing on the luxury yacht market, DECA’s team of specialists is well versed in the skills needed to operate a yacht at the highest levels of luxury. Each potential crew member is interviewed and their references are checked by our team. We confirm their interest in the position before placing them in front of the Captain or Owner. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for you. Utilizing personal relationships, technology and global positioning, we provide qualified employees to yacht owners around the globe. 
Our team consists of highly experienced individuals, with strong backgrounds and hands on experience in the maritime industry. 
As your chosen Crew Agency you can expect the following from us:

• We are forever mindful of confidentiality. This is why your personal information will never be shared online or visible on social media   sights. We stand firm on our opinion that available positions will not be posted on the internet. We respect your rights to privacy!

• As a registered Crewmember your safety, welfare and career happiness are important to us. You will always receive personalized       attention and advice every step of the way. Any concerns, issues or complaints will be taken seriously and help will be offered.

• Phone calls and emails never go unaddressed. It’s this professionalism and dedication that our clients and crew have come to expect!

• Our Crew Agents will always conduct themselves efficiently, professionally, and with a smile

"By having the highest standards for ourselves and our crew we are sure to exceed your expectations!" 
Miranda Driehuizen | Founder & Senior Crew Agent of Dutch Elite Crew Agency 

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DECA is a Driehuizen Holding Company
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+31 (0)6 436 978 34

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Recommendation Jan Verkerk owner of MY SHERAKHAN & MY LEGEND; Dear Miranda, thanks for your help in finding the crew for MY Legend and MY Sherakhan. About the delivered crew we are satisfied. Miranda we recommend you to offer crew on other yachts."